About Us

front-lawn-sign-serenitySerenity Montessori Academy is located on 19 Church St. in Verona, NJ adjacent to the First Congregation Church of Verona. Historically, the first nursery school in Verona began at this location in 1966.   It is with great pride to continue this legacy and announce the opening of Serenity Montessori Academy on September 19, 2016. It has been newly renovated and updated with appropriate Montessori apparatus. The outdoor playground is also undergoing improvements. The new Owner and Director, Sarah Colucci is a native of Verona and a graduate of Verona High School.  She attended Seton Hall University and earned a BA in Psychology and Education with a P-3 certification. She has been a Montessori School Director in Millburn for 25 years perfecting curriculum planning and implementations, mastering her deliverance of the Montessori philosophy, working closely with private school student entrance preparations and involved extensively in community service participation for all students as an important aspect of primary education.

Mission Statement

Serenity Montessori Academy mission is to personally oversee that each child evolves into an independent thinker; cognitively stimulated from their daily Montessori lessons, experiences and interactions. We celebrate individuality in learning by creating an integrated educational system that promotes self-sufficiency but also interdependence and respect of all humanity and nature.  This uniquely prepared learning environment nurtures values that create social responsibility and mutual respect, enhanced by a strong partnership between school and home.